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I had booked some lessons at CCS Language School. I appreciate the flexibility, the individual style and the professionalism. I will gladly take some lessons again after my maternity leave!

N. Beyeler


I have been taking lessons from CCS Online School for about two years. Since the teacher has a very good command of both Turkish and German and Swiss German it is very easy to learn!

I have come a long way in a short time thanks to you! Thank you very much.

T. Beyeler

White Against Red_edited_edited.jpg

I learned German with you in the past and I think the quality of your German lessons is very good. Nowadays it is very important to learn and speak German in Switzerland. 

I look forward to taking German lessons with you again soon and thank you for this organisation. 

I wish you much success, health and happiness.

H. Keskin


I am grateful for your support and patience in my German learning adventure! 

I got it right, thanks to you.

It’s my husband’s turn now to conquer the art of German language.


F. Francis

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